Monday, September 12, 2011

NJ + NYC: Kantuta (band)

Este Domingo en Montclair Nueva Jersey, sera el primer show de  kantuta para quienes pensaban que bandas como Ataque Frontal no existirian mas, y esta vez esta banda tiene vocales femeninos, en la bateria meques mas rusticos (ex-no abuse) y bien pogueros y nunca falta guitarra ruidosa (ex-Ke chucha) con cambios impredecibles, y bajos basicos como los de Dee Dee Ramone (ex-Antiarmada).
El show es un beneficio para nuestros amigos de la SPUSA y se le espera a NJ apoyar este dia.
Junto a kantuta estara tokando Huasipungo de nueva york, A.M.F (ex-Public Disturbance) crosses y una de las bandas de noise core de NJ que deberian buscar musica de ellos desde ya EMETIC

This Sunday September 18th in Montclair, New Jersey will be the first show of kantuta for all of you fans of bands like Ataque Frontal but this time will be a female on vocals faster beats(ex-no abuse), and of course raging noise coming out of the guitar(ex-Ke chucha) and  Dee Dee Ramone's bass style (ex-Antiarmada). . This is benefit for our friends of the SPUSA and we hope people come and support. Money raised will go to support these activists, they do have the balls to do what you are not doing so at least support with some green bills son!.

Kantuta will be playing with HUASIPUNGO, A.M.F (Ex PD) Crosses from here. and one of the best noisecore bands you can find in Jersey EMETIC. You should check these dudes out. They will rip your ARSES up and guess what they re all under 18, so any response you wanna have for being annoyed by this noise will be Abusive. Sorry mate this is America where regulations make you dumber and dumber.

EL primero de octubre para los flojos que no quisieron saltar el charco, les vamos  a hacer un favor pa ke vayan.. gente con feisbuk rieguen este toke.. espero ver caras conocidas ahi.

Ya saben las regulaciones de ABC piensen, y respeten la zona no queremos tombos(policias) jodiendo. Tomense lo que quieran antes de entrar no dejen que en abc los traten como policia. Suerte ke los vi jueputas.

October 1st, Headlining will be the old school LES no guitar musical group WHITE COLLAR CRIME.[ MRR INTERVIEW ]

Plus three bands from Jersey invades NYC, if you were too lazy to cross the puddle, here Jersey is bringing you the chance to see these three bands.

You know ABC rules so show up in time, pay at the door and finish your drinks before going in. No pot smokin in the hallway you fuckers, and don't let the people at abc act like tough police, be smart and respect the area. Pa peace!

If you fear go hide, i ll let you know if your fear is valid. 
I don't hide or fight the innocent like your kind. 

Primera Practica de Kantuta
Kantuta's First Practice

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