Thursday, January 12, 2012

Algo viejo que encontre

Toke en Baltimore

Review by Barclay House People
September 5th, 2009: Fake Mayday weekend.

Welcome to Perdition: A good first showing for this ragtag band of local youth.
Iron Wolf: Wolves are pretty scary, and wolves made of iron would presumably be doubly frightening.

Anti Armada: Holy shit, one of their members was SO FRIENDLY to me. He didn't speak much English, I don't speak much Spanish, but I'm pretty sure we became friends in spite of it. Also, apparently all Colombians stop aging physically at 16. He wasn't pleased about this, as it lead to many frustrating beer-runs. But there you go. Feel free to add that gross generalization to Wikipedia.

A SECRET! While i was mixing the set, I discovered that Sin Nombre played a SNEAK ATTACK set! Those cheeky bastards!

Ke Chu=Cha: I really don't have anything amusing to say about Ke Chu=Cha. I'm still pissed that I didn't have the cash to buy one of their sweet, 'covered in enough words to fill a masters thesis' shirts. My heart is heavy. I'm going to have to lean on The Management to bring them back.

SacriFi: Odd things began happeninghalf way through the set. I'm not sure how much audio made it through. It might end up being all Tess and Dan. It might be awesome.

Download the whole show
Aqui esta el link para bajar el toque

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