Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Insane Noise Raid + OSAKA/KOBE

Last Month Osaka-rrea!
By walking around for a bit in Osaka, checking the shinsaibashi area again.
I felt fuckin lost, no number to contact anyone. Only way I could get there was getting to Punk and Destroy and ask where Hokage was.

I saw a spiky haired guy running towards a Takoyaki stand!
I followed and then I saw Syon! said hi, so I know I was saved. Outside Hokage I found Hiroshi D-clone. I got so happy to see Hiroshi again, also the drummer of Zyanose who i still don't know his name was there. Was too early for the show, they were checking sound, it sounded fuckin awesome AKKA was checkin sound on that moment. 
I decided to go around again because I didn't want to feel too comfortable and being inside when they were preparing for the Noise Massacre of that night.
So the hours passed and the first band to Blast the place to pieces was ZYANOSE which i was so stoked going nuts and didn't get any pics. But I can tell you, they sound fuckin neat (I mean noissy) but fuckin amazing madness of walls of noise breaking everybody's guts!! best medicine after so much spicy food at South Korea!! They were one more time fuckin great!!! ZYANOSE is enough for those who cannot resist NOISE NOT MUSIC! 
But here are some pictures from the last show at Kobe (thanks Age, and Mich)

ILIIE (blurry as fuck, but I tell you he destroy the drums in a neat way)

SAKANA (next to FØR)

TOYO ( feat. Avfall's facial graffiti)
After the insane madness that just finished going to get some gas at the store (CHU-HI is the best choice for surviving)
D-CLONE TAKE OVER THE PLACE, destroying each one of the eardrums of each punk in the place, all their new stuff are fuckin brutal, it is alway amazing to stand in front of these three master of noise punk punks receiving all their hits making each one in the place pogo their brains out!
Glue wouldn't make you pogo more, you will get stuck in the fuzz and the beat. You might need to listen some Disorder to get out of the gluefuzz happiness.

... ~~ CHU-HI break ~~...

Next I was fuckin blown by the intro of the first song also in their EP it bring many of us, back to our early days.
This girls are really fuckin good, very well played Hardcore/Crust.
It just make you just not want to stop moving, the changes they make are precise and they will always make you be paying attention to them.
They are really active and never take a break, it is fuckin sick.
These girls will inspire the rest of the world to go out there, and show that men and women are equal. Nobody gets extra points to be girls, if it is so, then whoever that make that statement is way behind these 4 girls who are doing so much than any other lazy ass chauvinist. 
AKKA RULES , and if you don't think so, then FUCK YOU!


AXEWIELD oh man I almost miss them, because I forgot to hide my beer, and they didn't let me in, so i had to chug it!
I Got in and it was completely madness, I came all the way to Osaka and I wasn't gonna miss them. It was fuckin sick. Man.. too bad i was born years later and in the wrong place so I missed the golden days of Effigy. But this in here, is what you can still get and I tell you it might be a different feeling but it feels fuckin good!.

Picture Stolen from Misoshiru of Death

 DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR which i also couldn't take any picture because I was too fuckin hype, going nuts all over the place. Everytime I see DDE I feel like time time is life, and by standing I am being a total useless piece of shit. After DDE you feel clean, healed of anything that might be making you feel disturbed in any way.

Picture from In Darkness at kobe march 31st
~~ My liver is a myth -- NON E' IMPORTANTI, MA QUEI IMPORTANTI ~~

E perche non scrivo il resto del Blog in italiano? Questo gruppo musicale. E 'una valanga di pietre, Ti fa morire e rivivere quando lo senti. 
ISTERISMO fuckin brutality of sound, drums sounds very much like Italian Hardcore (Wretched, Peggio punx) It is hard to follow the singing, but what else is important! QUEI IMPORTANTI!!!
It was fuckin amazing seeing this guys one more time, the bass is fuckin enraging, and the guitar goes drilling in your head while the drums and the vocals stomp all over you, like a river of mountains falling like 2 trees on a stormy hot day.
It is just too god damn good, if you miss them for any reason. FUCK YOU you should be ashamed of yourself.

~~~ Asahi this time, too much sweet drinking I m thirsty ~~~

Almost forget there was another band before passing out in the middle of the street. Or the venue exposing myself like an empty mural. TIILTRO one more time I get to see them, last time I saw them was at King Cobra, with FRAMTID, DISTURD, Adixion, Abstrakt, avfall, haava. And it was fuckin great. 
They have a very neat sound, very strong, is the good way of playing dbeat, with a touch of noise punk.
Keep it up Tiiltro.

Thanks so much to take death @ 68 for spending time with us, and also easying the way to get the Crusade CD.  

If you want this relaease, by Take-death@68 Click in the image there is the information to get this master piece.
Thanks Takeshi for putting this great record out, and Chihiro to creating this amazing noise!


After finding myself too drunk to go anywhere, like two angels or demons, AGE and MICH from Disturd told me to continue drinking with them so we do so, even tho I blacked out, slowly, and slowly until the end was present.
Kami, Takashi, Age and Mich Kobe Punks as fuck.




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