Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's up South Korea?

Anjeong Pendejos aqui les dejo lo que se rilisio el ano (pedorro) pasado.
Korea del Sur tiene con que defenderse, no todo es tan pelle.

Chadburger (English, or whatever language is used, Hardcore '83, Seoul)

Scumraid Demo Tape (Korean Noisy Crasher Crust (???) '91 Seoul)

Konorrea Demo tape shit (Spanish Speakin' Raw Punk '84, Seoul)
2nd p. coming soon!

Banran Studio Live (Korean Hardcore '82, Seoul)
Coming Soon!

Find the Spot split with Assasination Sqaut CD (Korean Hardcore '81 This is Seoul not USA)
Coming Soon!
Contact: +82

Also this zine will be out soon!!!

Just waiting for last updates to make.

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